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Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

Wine Guardian
The Global Leader In Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine collectors worldwide turn to Wine Cellar Cooling Units with temperature and humidity control systems. The wine cellar cooling units and humidifiers are designed to replicate those trusted conditions in your wine cellar, wine display or storage space.

We want to help you create the best wine cellar environment for aging your valuable wine. So, we rely on Wine Guardian – a global leader in wine cellar cooling units – to preserve your fine wine investment.

Through-the-Wall Wine Cooling Systems

Perfect for a small to mid-sized cellar.

With a sleek design, Wine Guardian’s through-the-wall (TTW) wine cellar cooling units will match the unique style of today’s modern wine cellar. Their innovative system offers exceptional airflow and maintains optimal temperature and humidity – all with the quietest operation in its class.

Cabinet Cooling Systems

The Wine Guardian Cabinet cooling system is a professional grade, self-contained climate control system designed specifically for the storage of wine at cellar temperatures. It is designed for easy installation and operation.

The Wine Guardian Cabinet system is completely self-contained and includes an integral air cooled condenser.

Ductless Split wine cellar cooling unit

A cutting-edge system versatile enough for either surface-mount or through-the-wall mounting in small cellars.

It’s versatile enough for either surface mounting or space-saving through-the-wall mounting, while providing the flexibility of a split system. If you are the owner of a small wine cellar but have limited or no room for mechanical equipment or if you are unable to accommodate ductwork, this unit is the ideal wine cellar conditioner for you. The Wine Guardian wine cellar ductless split system offers high ambient protection in a sleek, newly styled condensing unit.

Split Cooling Systems for Wine Cellars

Provides optimal temperature and humidity control for residential or commercial wine cellars.

Wine Guardian’s ducted split wine cellar cooling system provides superb air distribution and temperature control for optimal conditioning of your wine cellar. The extremely quiet and virtually vibration-free system offers maximum flexibility in system location and cellar designs. Ideal for cellars that have little or no extra space to install a self-contained Wine Guardian system, for applications where condenser air is difficult to exhaust and for longer duct runs.

Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Versatile and self-contained providing cooling capacities for any sized area-residential or commercial wine cellars.

Maximum flexibility in design and installation. This system can be placed in an indoor location outside the cellar resulting in a quiet cellar with no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable racking space. Ducted wine room systems are ideal for larger private or commercial wine cellars. Available in water-cooled configurations as well.

Ceiling Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Ceiling mounted cooling units are quiet, split wine conditioning systems that are ideal for small- to mid-size wine rooms with no room to install a traditional unit.

These units were designed specifically for ceiling mounting and fit comfortably between standard joist construction— making them ideal for applications such as a wine storage display with living space around it or an all-glass wine room.

Wine Cellar Humidifiers

Designed to increase humidity levels of any size commercial or residential wine cellar.

These wine cellar humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability to ensure your fine wine collection ages at its finest. They are available for Ducted and Ducted Split systems as either integrated or freestanding units. The freestanding version can be used with Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall systems, Wine Guardian Ductless Split systems, or any competitors’ wine cellar air conditioning unit.

Wine Cellar Controls and Sensors

Consistent monitoring ensures an optimal environment for your valuable wine collection.

Wine Guardian systems monitor the temperature and display humidity of your cellar conditions and is the only major manufacturer that offers this feature. With large, backlit data displays and menu selections the systems make it easy to setup and control functions.